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When you choose Beacon College, you’re investing in your future. Your experiences as a Beacon student will prepare you for a world of possibilities — whether your goal is to begin a career or continue advanced studies in graduate school. As a College, We’re Also Investing in You. Our goal is to help you successfully pursue your dream of a college education through both academic and financial support. We know the important role that financial assistance will play in your ability to attend our college. That’s why you can count on us to help you and your family receive the maximum financial aid possible based on your unique circumstances. What Types of Aid Are Available at Beacon? Every year, Beacon College students receive more than $16 million in financial aid from federal, state and privately funded sources, including more than $4 million in College-funded aid. Your financial aid package typically will include several of these types of aid: Grants — Funds that do not have to be repaid and generally are need-based aid. They are awarded from federal, state, and Beacon College sources. Scholarships — Funds that do not have to be repaid and usually are awarded on the basis of academic merit or talent. They may be awarded by Beacon or independent organizations. Loans — Funds that are borrowed to attend college from federal or private sources, and must be repaid with interest. Work-Study Employment — Funds earned from an on-campus job to help pay for educational expenses.

Before and during your time at Beacon, our Financial Aid staff is always ready to work with you and your family to help you identify, apply for and maintain your financial aid. Learn more at

More than 9 out of every 10 Beacon freshmen receive some form of aid. The average award is $14,000



How Do I Apply for Financial Aid? To determine whether you are eligible for financial aid, you must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) . The federal government is the largest provider of financial aid, funding grants, loans and work-study programs. The information you provide on the FAFSA also is used to determine your eligibility for most state-funded and Beacon-funded aid programs. Visit to apply. There’s no need to wait until you are admitted! You can file the FAFSA any time after October 1 , using your income tax information from the previous year’s tax returns. Financial Aid Basics FEDERAL AID PROGRAMS Federal Pell Grants are available to undergraduate students only and they do not have to be repaid. Your eligibility for a Pell Grant is determined by the FAFSA. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants are awarded to students with exceptional financial need and are based on Beacon’s allotment of funds, as determined by the federal government. STATE GRANTS Florida State Grants — Florida offers a number of state-funded financial aid programs to qualifying students who meet state residency requirements, including the Florida Resident Access Grant and Bright Futures awards. Criteria vary based on program and include such factors as financial need and academic performance. For details, contact your high school guidance office or Beacon’s Financial Aid Office. Other States — Many states allow students to carry state aid with them to colleges outside of their home state. Check with your high school counselor on what programs might be available and how to file for assistance.

Beacon College is an eligible institution for the Florida Prepaid College Plan program. Accumulated funds may be applied toward expenses at Beacon College. Worth Noting: Financial aid decisions are based on many factors. There is no set income limit to qualify for aid, so be sure to file the FAFSA, even if you don’t think you qualify for aid.

When filing the FAFSA be sure to include Beacon’s FAFSA code: 033733

VETERANS AID Beacon is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program for veterans and eligible dependents, as well as other Post-9/11 GI (Chapter 33) aid programs.

VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION GRANTS Vocational rehabilitation (VR) is a jointly funded federal/state program. The amount and type of grant funding varies by state, but Beacon’s educational programs are recognized by many states for our services for individuals with disabilities. Contact Beacon’s Office of Financial Aid for step-by-step directions to learn more. VETERANS AID Beacon is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program for veterans and eligible dependents, and the Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) and Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA) (Chapter 35) programs. Beacon awards annually renewable funds ranging from $1,000 to $22,000, based primarily on student need. Awards are calculated using information provided in the FAFSA; no separate application needed. Professional Educator Scholarship Referral Program By attaching a completed referral scholarship form from a professional educator at your high school with your application, you can receive a one-time $1,000 scholarship. Download referral form at: Pathway School Scholarships Beacon has established Pathway School partnerships with leading high schools nationwide that serve students who learn differently. Students enrolling in Beacon from a Pathway School receive an automatic $10,000 renewable scholarship. Schools interested in learning more can contact Beacon’s Office of Admissions at or call 855-220-5376. BEACON-FUNDED SCHOLARSHIPS & GRANTS Beacon Scholarships & Grants

RAISEME MICRO-SCHOLARSHIPS Beacon is proud to among only 10 percent of colleges and universities nationwide to participate in RaiseMe, created to expand student access to higher education through financial aid. Starting as early as 9th grade, you can begin earning micro-scholarships from Beacon College for a wide range of activities, including getting good grades, volunteering in the community and participating in extracurricular activities. You can raise $8,000 per year in high school (up to $32,000 maximum) in scholarship dollars to attend Beacon. You can learn more at


Use Beacon’s Net Price Calculator to get a preliminary estimate of federal, state and institutional aid that might be available for your family. (Note: You will need almost exactly the same information used to complete the FAFSA.) Visit our website for details at


Other Scholarship Sources Many employers, professional and social organizations, chambers of commerce, and faith-based groups offer scholarships based on different criteria. There are also scholarships and awards for students who learn differently, including: Learning Ally ( — recognizes outstanding academic and personal achievements of students who learn differently who demonstrate the highest standard of performance and commitment in their classroom and communities. Lime Connect ( — a global non-profit organization that offers scholarships, internships and co-ops for high-potential students with a disability. The Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship by Shire ( — recognizes and supports students diagnosed with ADHD. National Center for Learning Disabilities ( — offers financial assistance to graduating high school seniors with documented learning disabilities and/or ADHD. RiSE Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Awards ( — open to current high school students with a diagnosis of a learning disability or ASD/ PDD. Applicants must have a concurrent diagnosis of LD and/or autism/Asperger. What If Financial Aid Doesn’t Meet All Our College Expenses? If you don’t qualify for aid or if your financial aid package will not cover your expenses, our Office of Financial Aid can help you and your family identify alternative financing options, such as low-interest federal or private loans . Beacon also offers a convenient, interest-free monthly payment plan .

The following websites offer helpful information on federal financial aid and scholarships. Financial Aid Sites Scholarship Sites fromscholarshipexperts

We’re Here to Help! If you have questions about the financial aid process, our Office of Financial Aid is available to assist you in any way. Contact us to arrange for a call or campus meeting: Phone: 855-220-5374 (Toll Free) Email:

105 East Main Street Leesburg, Florida 34748


Because our educational programming is considered therapeutic in nature for students with learning disabilities, you and your family may qualify for significant medical tax deductions . Our tuition, room and board, and fees — as well as computers, books, travel and other education-related expenses — may qualify as a medical deduction for tax purposes. Consult your tax attorney or financial advisor about IRS publications 502 and 907.

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