What to Bring (and Not to Bring) to Campus Housing

This printable checklist provides you with a list of recommended and optional items for life in Beacon College residential housing.

Residence Life

What’s included in your room: • Bed • Twin XL mattress • Dresser

What to Bring

• Window blinds • Overhead lights

Essential Items

Personal identification Social Security card, driver’s license, passport etc. Insurance Information Health insurance card and pharmacy insurance card Personal toiletries Such as: shampoo, conditioner, soap, toilet paper, razor, deodorant, etc. Twin XL bedding Pillow, sheets, blankets, mattress pad Cleaning supplies Such as: Lysol wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet bowl brush, dish soap, etc. Personal medication Including prescriptions and OTC medicine First Aid Kit Including items such as Neosporin, band aids, disinfectants, cortisone, gauze etc. Charging cables Laundry items Such as basket, detergent, dryer sheets • Small mini-refrigerator Please note: a drip pan is required with a fridge. • Microwave Please note: one per unit, no more than 800 watts. • Iron and ironing board or clothing steamer • Small area rug • Bathmat • Television • Dishes • Gaming systems • Storage cubes • Decorations • Desk lamp (no halogen bulbs) • Coffee-maker or electric tea kettle with automated shut off

Clothing Hangers Towels Fan Thermometer Rain jacket, rain boots and umbrella Alarm clock Backpack Wastebasket Trash bags Computer Vacuum and broom Flash Drive Noise-canceling headphones Flame retardant shower curtain

Optional Items

• Toaster • Curtains on a tension rod only • Power strips • Food storage containers • Filtered water pitcher • Shower caddy • AA and AAA batteries • HDMI cable • Weighted blanket • Flashlight • Pepper spray • Lockbox • Bicycle with U-lock

Residence Life

What NOT to Bring Please do not bring these items to campus. They are not permitted. • Wireless routers • Personal air conditioners or heaters • Indoor grills or panini press • Air fryers • Instant Pots, pressure or slow cookers • Any appliances with an exposed heating element • Toaster oven • Hot plates • Candles, incense, melted wax products • Flammable liquids • Anything with an open flame • Weapons • Alcohol or drug paraphernalia • Extension cords

• Bed risers • Hot plates

• Candles • Incense • Fireworks or explosives • Waterbeds or water-filled furniture • Pets • Weapons

Including but not limited to paintball guns, airsoft guns, stun guns, martial arts weapons, knives, etc. • Nails, duct tape, adhesives, etc. to hang items • Hoverboards • Contact paper • Sub-woofers

Questions? For questions or more information, please contact: Housing & Residential Life 352-787-0845 phone 800-540-0261 fax housing@beaconcollege.edu

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