Summer for Success Packing List

A printable list of what to bring to the three-week on-campus summer program for high school students.

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Identification & Documentation:

Health & Hygiene Items:

Medication (enough for 4-5 weeks) Personal toiletries (hair dryer, shampoos, toothpaste, etc.) Sunscreen

Legible copy of Medical Insurance Card (front & back) Copy of flight information (if Beacon is providing transportation) Copy of student identification (driver’s license, passport, student ID)

Dorm-Related Items:

Backpack/bag Notebook(s) Writing utensils 3 Folders Academic Supplies:

Alarm clock Head phones Twin XL Bedding (pillow(s), sheets, blankets, mattress pad) 3 Towels


Everyday clothes Students should be fine in t-shirts (appropriate logos please), shorts (appropriate length), undergarments, socks, and jeans. It is recommended that students do laundry each week, so having enough clothes for 7-10 days would be sufficient. Average high/low temperatures for central Florida in July are 92/74 with regular late-afternoon showers. Shoes Students should bring comfortable walking shoes, flip flops, and one pair of dress shoes. 2 Bathing suits Students have the option to utilize our new swimming pool recreation area. Umbrella and/or rain poncho/coat Dress clothes Our closing celebration is a dressier event where students should wear a nicer outfit (business casual).

Packing & Preparing for Summer for Success Residence Life

Tuition for the Summer for Success High School Program includes all meals, travel, trips, housing, entertainments, tuition/books/supplies (not including those listed above).

1. Discretionary spending money is for each student and their families to decide. Spending money may be considered for souvenirs at theme or water parks, and personal snacks; we recommend a range of $100-150 as an appropriate personal spending amount. The College does not recommend large sums of money be brought to campus. 2. Students will not have access to kitchens in the residence hall. All meals will be provided at the Beacon College Dining Hall and at off-campus activities/excursions. 3. Snacks and drinks will be offered during the day and evening hours in the community areas and student lounge at the residence hall. 4. Electronics: Students are allowed to bring hand-held gaming systems, laptop/tablets, etc. for personal use in their dorm rooms. Students will have access to computers for academic purposes through our labs and centers. We will not be collecting personal electronics or laptops overnight. 5. Residence Hall Services: a. Furnishings: All rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses, dressers, desks, closets, and overhead lighting. Included in the cost of Summer for Success, students will be provided with toilet paper, shower curtains, and misc. cleaning and laundry supplies. b. Laundry facilities: Each floor of the residence hall is equipped with washers and dryers for student use. Quarters are not required. Detergent & supplies will be available in the community areas and student lounge. c. Internet/Wifi: Residence halls have Internet and email access.

As a reminder, this three-week program is intensive and students will not be spending a lot of free time in the dormitory. While you may want to bring a lot of items, please remember that many items required for college dorming is not necessary for a short, three-week experience.

Questions? For questions or more information, please contact: Brody Glidden, Director of Summer Programming 352-913-4104 phone

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