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Course Catalog Spring 2024


Building a Strong Foundation Our online course catalog is designed for students to begin earning college credit and building college academic skills before enrolling in an on-campus program. We focus on providing a diverse selection of first-year general education courses for both transferable skills and major exploration.

ENG 0040: Accelerated Literacy Reading & Writing Integration (0 CREDITS - DEVELOPMENTAL TRACK ONLY)

This course focuses on critical thinking skills required to read, analyze, and synthesize written information, including the expansion of vocabulary and grammatical/mechanical skills required to successfully negotiate the writing process in preparation for reading and writing at the college level. Compare to: • Developmental Reading & Writing • Introduction to College Reading & Writing COE 1100: Learning Essentials & Self-Discovery (3 CREDITS) In this course, you will explore how your choices directly impact your opportunities for greater success in college and life. Topics include: accepting personal responsibility, discovering self-motivation, mastering self-management, employing interdependence, gaining self-awareness, adopting lifelong learning, developing emotional intelligence, believing in oneself, and identifying individual learning styles and effective learning strategies. You’ll develop your critical thinking skills through self-assessments, case studies, guided journaling and an individual research project. Compare to: • Principles of Academic Success

Beacon College boasts one of only two bachelor’s degree programs in Anthrozoology in the country. Now, students can begin to explore this popular program in an online class! ANZ 2100: Introduction to Anthrozoology (3 CREDITS) This course is designed to familiarize students to the changing roles of animals in human society along with the complex relationship between humans and animals. The field of anthrozoology is an interdisciplinary field of study that requires an understanding of multiple concepts grounded in psychology, anthropology, sociology, ecology, and zoology. This course will serve as an introductory experience to examine the field of anthrozoology, and primary theories related to the study of the human and non-human interaction at a personal, cultural, and global level.



PSY 2851: General Psychology (3 CREDITS) Provides an overview of the principles of human behavior and the scope and methods of psychology. Topics include human development, intelligence, emotion, motivation, personality, social psychology, and abnormal behavior. Compare to: • Introduction to Psychology ENG 1101: College Composition (3 CREDITS) This class is designed to develop skills in writing multi-paragraph essays with emphasis on exposition, including the selection, restriction, organization, and development of topics. Students examine selected writing samples as models of form and sources of ideas for their own writing. Compare to: Computational review and practice prepare you for the demands of college-level math through a focus on whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, proportions, practical applications, and word problems. You will learn to use a basic scientific calculator to facilitate learning and provide assistive technology. Compare to: • Developmental Math • Introduction to College Math MAT 1901: General Math (3 CREDITS) A general education course that offers a solid foundation in the basics of college mathematics. Real-life applications, conceptual understanding, problem-solving, using technology appropriately, and critical thinking are emphasized and integrated throughout the course. Compare to: • College Algebra CIS 2300: Internet Technologies (3 CREDITS) The course will focus on Internet-based services and how they support applications such as e-mail services, FTP, list servers,etc. Students will research areas such as Web services and networking principles involved. Students will be given the basics of HTML to better understand Web services. The course will also cover web-based databases and transaction processes. Compare to: • Introduction to HTML CIS 1255: Fundamentals of Microsoft Office Suite (3 CREDITS) This course is an introduction to current technologies on a global scale. Students acquire computer/mobile learning skills and build a stronger foundation in word processing, presentation software, and web communities. Students gain experience with business applications in a PC environment that will be used in the educational environment to be applied later to the professional world. Classwork focuses on productivity and creative projects. The goal of this course is to ensure cross-platform computer literacy for academic and work environments. Compare to: • Introduction to Information Technology • Introduction to English • College Composition MAT 0030: Math Strategies (3 CREDITS)




Course Availability Please note that each course has limited capacity, and courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The best way to guarantee enrollment in courses of your choice is to apply and enroll early. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for the upcoming term, until all courses are full. Credits • Students can complete up to 27 credits in two semesters of study. • Qualified students can opt to come to Beacon’s campus in central Florida for the May semester and take an additional 3 credits. Ready to Apply? Complete the Beacon Foundations application ( Foundations ). Then submit proof of your learning difference, two letters of recommendation and your high school transcript.

Transfering Beacon Foundation Credits Credits earned at Beacon College are

transferable to most colleges and universities. If you plan to transfer credits to another school, be sure to check with an enrollment or transfer counselor at that college or university to ensure your course selections are appropriate and transferable.

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